CyberGrab is a product of Viper Networks, Inc., a company with all-in-one global service solution. One App Many Uses. Get connected to nearby Service Providers and get instant services on your doorsteps. Whether you need a Taxi or you need to get delivered grocery items to any location, or deliver flowers to a loved one, or want to send a parcel to somewhere, or need to repair your broken taps, or you want to find out nearest garage to repair your vehicle, this app will do it all for you!

Cyber Transport:
Cyber Ride is an affordable ride sharing platform to provide easy vehicle reservation of all types around the globe.  You can ride-hail a motorcycle, truck, van, luxury cars, etc. wherever services are available in the country are residing or visiting.

Cyber Delivery:
CyberGrab is geared to connect all available restaurants on our network for food delivery and grocery stores for your shopping convenience. Schedule your order and receive a timely delivery to your doorsteps.

Parcel delivery is convenient way to schedule a single or multi delivery of any type of package.  A box or an envelop you can select the method and the time of pickup and delivery of your items.  The parcel delivery is perfect for your personal or business needs.

Cyber Service:
With CyberGrab you can find an easy access to a list of services that you normally have many applications for each special service. We combined all possible services and we continue to add as we grow in the market place.  As an example, BillPay, Beauty Service, Car Wash, Doctors, Mechanic, Electrician, etc.

If you are looking for a service and you do not find it, please send us a request and we will do our best to add it as soon as possible.